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Neighbors Hate Stuy-TowBnB!

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Want to live in Stuy-Town for a night, a week, a month? Hit up AirBnB and treat Stuy-Town like the virtual hotel many tenants fear it is becoming. The Facebook page for the Stuyvesant Town - Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association is filled with complaints about ads on sites like and that advertise short-term rentals of apartments in Stuy-Town for anywhere from $110 a night to almost $3,000 a month. The slightly vigilante tone at IDing and outing mini-Balazs neighbors seems nurtured by a lack of interest in enforcing rules against such rentals by building management. Alice Aaronson wrote above a link to one ad, "If they can't keep strollers off the grass do we really expect them to keep criminal activity such as this out of our buildings?"
Neighbors of these budding one-room-at-a-time hoteliers may hate what they see as bedbug-spreading illegality, but the customers love it. One satisfied customer, who stayed at "Brian"'s bordello-themed 1BR with pin-up nudes placed over the couch gushed.
We found Brian's apartment very nice, furnished with good taste, clean, comfortable, large. Brian made extraordinary effort to provide us with the keys of laundry, when he found that we didn't receive them. Special thanks to Omar, who, on behalf of Brian, assisted so helpfully during our vacations in New-York. The position of the apartment is in nice, clean and secure region just in the middle of the city, very close to Subway station.Concierge service!
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