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Party in the Penthouses in Brooklyn Heights' Love Lane Mews

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Event: Love Lane Mews penthouse debut in Brooklyn Heights
In the House: Mostly brokers, young and old alike. Also, a photographer.
Dress Code: Collars and khakis, pretty sundresses.
Music: None, but every room was filled with the soft hum of air conditioners.
Menu: Sliders, vegetables and dip, shrimp, and pastries. Also, a cake that looked like it was filled with brie that we later found out was filled with brie.
Swag: Love Lane Mews totes that are foil-lined! Obviously to be used for picnics/re-enactments of scenes from "Signs."
Overheard: "There's a third bedroom!" "It's only legal because it has a skylight?"

Love Lane Mews are four converted carriage houses/parking garages turned into apartments. The building had four two bedroom penthouses listed for sale, each with a different floor plan and one with a borderline legal third bedroom (because it has a skylight but no other windows.) The ceilings are high, the outdoor spaces are big, and each penthouse has a combined kitchen/living room/dining room space upon entry. The views aren’t what one thinks of when the word “penthouse” is uttered, as the apartments reside on the fourth and fifth floors, and Love Lane Mews acknowledged it. When asked if one of the penthouses was the only one with Manhattan views, our tour guide said, “Well, you’re really not buying all this space for the views.” That’s fine, because apparently the reason we’re paying $2.9 million for a penthouse in Brooklyn Heights is so we can see the actress who plays Jessa on Girls, because we ran into her upon leaving the showing and had to talk to her about Brooklyn Heights and our future acting career.
?Robert Aquino
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