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Artists Seek $1 Million for Celebrity-Decorated Water Tanks

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Three hundred water tanks around the five boroughs are set to be redesigned by celebrity artists and locals in a 12-week public art initiative planned for next summer. Jay-Z, Ed Ruscha, Jeff Koons, Catherine Opie and others have already signed on to the Water Tank Project, which has raised funds from a bunch of foundations and has an eye on some specific water tanks (the project's founder calls them "a museum just waiting to happen"). Now the project's organizers are seeking another $1 million via Kickstarter to complete the first stage of the project. The coolest reward is a tour of some of the water tanks in question?for those who give $10,000. So we'll just have to sneak in.

The Water Tank Project folks will use the funds (the Kickstarter's close to $36,000 as we write this post) to figure out the art installation process and to get use of their chosen "superstar tanks" by working with building owners and condo boards. Good luck with that!

And for anyone intrigued by the idea of decorating a water tank, the designs for 15 of the 300 will be chosen through an open call sometime in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.
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