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Fetish Fair Responds to Condo Residents' Complaints

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If the new neighbors of West Chelsea are preparing to oust the kinky Folsom East fetish fair, they're keeping their plans to themselves. After his Q&A with a resident of the +Art condo building, Jeremiah Moss followed-up with the media liaison of the fair to get the event's response to the condo community's desires that the fair be move or entirely eliminated. Turns out, the fair has not heard a peep from anyone, but the liaison stressed that the fair is a community event willing to cooperate with the neighborhood. The fair will have a sidewalk barrier so condo residents don't have to walk directly through it to enter their homes, but any plans to move the fair to a completely new location would cause difficulties. In response to the complaints of nudity and lewd acts, she said, "Attendees are allowed to wear street-legal clothes, which in NY city is fairly liberal, as it should be."

As for the future of queer and kinky New York? "Leathermen and women will never leave New York City! We are as much a part of New York as bagels and the Empire State Building. What would New York City be without its diversity? Folsom Street East intends to do whatever is necessary to ensure that we can continue to come out as a group and celebrate our culture."
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