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$25K a Month to Call East Village Synagogue Home

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A lot of people have no problem nodding off during religious services, so it shouldn't be a stretch to go to sleep in a one-time synagogue every night. One can while renting this former tenement Shul at 317 East 8th Street, according to EV Grieve. The 4BR/2.5BA four-story conversion was gut renovated in 2005, turning the one-time East Village synagogue into a house where guests may invoke the name of the Lord, but probably only in vain when they check out the Brazilian hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the 8-person hot tub on the master outdoor terrace. The result of the renovation is a beautiful apartment--but it's still $25,000 a month. So is there a God? Just in case a potential renter finds pondering eternal matters off-putting, the owner is only looking for a tenant to sign a 3-6 month lease.