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Brooklyn Bridge Park Hotel, Condos Could Look Like This

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After a few months of deliberations, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation is expected to vote Tuesday on which developers get to build the hotel and residential complex next to Pier 1. The likely developers? Toll Brothers and Starwood Capital Group, according to Crain's and the Times. The two companies originally made separate entries to the competition, shown in the gallery above, and appear to have combined forces sometime after making it to the final round. (Poor Dermot Company was the only one of the three finalists not to make the cut.) Anyone know what the Toll-Starwood team's design would be? Hit up the tipline.
The hotel will have 170 to 225 rooms, and the project will also include an apartment complex with 150 to 180 units. "The number of hotel rooms would decrease proportionately as the number of residential units increase and vice versa, according to the request for proposals," Crain's explains. There will also be a 17,500-square-foot restaurant space. The entire project, which would begin construction in 2013 and be finished in 2015, should generate $119.7 million in rent and other payments.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201