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Mohawk Atelier Condos Compete For Buyers

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A tipster alerted us to the presence of 161 Duane Street #3B, a 3BR, 2.5BA condo in the Mohawk Atelier that's been on the market for around two and half months, and its new-to-market downstairs neighbor, #2B, which is the same exact size. Looks like we got ourselves a good old fashioned showdown. While #3B was listed by Bellmarc for $3,800,000 in March and has yet to undergo a pricechop, #2B was listed by Liss Real Estate for $3,795,000 yesterday, and had $145,000 chopped off this morning. This one might get ugly. The brokerbabble for #2B (the new one) begins with an ambiguous, "The wait is over!" The wait for what, exactly? A 3BR, 2.5BA condo in the Mohawk Atelier? It doesn't look like anybody was waiting for that.

Dueling Dining Rooms:

Dueling Bedrooms:

And Dueling Floorplans:

#3B (the old one) seems a bit more understated, especially from a chandelier standpoint, but, as we can see from the floorplans, these two are not so different. #3B is a floor higher. #2B has bigger windows. It's going to be a tight race.
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