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Carroll Gardens and Hidden Streets Are Both the Best

1) This week's hunt couple is Stephanie, a marketing/communications person, and Duncan, who is Australian. They get married and Duncan moves into Stephanie's Chelsea studio. It works because Duncan is "very mellow," which must be code for "only owns three shirts." Then Stephanie gets pregnant and they're forced to look for a bigger place. Duncan wants to live somewhere less noisy. “I used to go to sleep with the sound of the waves crashing,” he says. "[Now I go] to sleep with ambulances flying down Seventh Avenue." Welcome to the big leagues, buddy. They initially have some trouble finding a suitably large apartment in their price range, but then they realize that they can save money by not eating out every single night and spending $100 on food and drinks. OH, REALLY? With their newfound wealth, they move into a Gateway 2BR in Battery Park City, which is nice because now Duncan can go to sleep to the sound of waves and ambulances. Stephanie learns a really rudimentary thing about making frozen dumplings. [The Hunt/'Roominess Takes On New Significance']

2) If anyone was wondering how Carroll Gardens is doing, the answer is great. So great. Everything is great. The Carroll Gardens Greenmarket is thriving, and the stores are all really nice, the gardens themselves are lovely, and it's still cheaper than Brooklyn Heights. Smith Street recently got a Momofuku Milk Bar, which is probably the surest sign there is that your neighborhood is doing great. So don't worry about Carroll Gardens. It's awesome. [Block by Block/'Turn Left at the Roses']

3) Continuing with the things-that-are-just-lovely trend: short streets! They're quiet, tree-lined, the buildings are nice, the communities are tightly-knit, E.E. Cummings used to live on them... The only downside is that it might be difficult to get food delivered to them, and taxi drivers may need specific directions. But that's a small price to pay. What's not a small price to pay is the price of houses on those streets, but we won't get into that. [Beyond-the-Grid Manhattan]