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3BR Condo in Will Smith's Old Building Asks $9.25M

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Last year, Will Smith spent $85,000/month to rent a full-floor apartment in 25 Bond Street while he was in town working on his magnum opus, Men in Black III. That apartment later went on the market for $19.5 million and there it has remained, despite its attempts to entice a buyer by dividing itself up and later recombining and shaving $1.25 million off the price tag. All that to say, we don't love the chances of that apartment's downstairs neighbor, #3W, which was just listed for $9.25 million and appears to be a carbon copy of the now de-listed #4E with 6% higher maintenance costs and no lingering essence of Will Smith. Still, it doesn't hurt to look at some pictures.

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25 Bond Street

25 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012