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UES Residents Fighting Against Store Signage

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Enough Upper East Siders complained about the out-of-control Dunkin' Donuts on Lexington that the manager relented and reduced its signage. But the Upper East Siders aren't done yet. Two residents, Teri Slater (the one making the "what's the deal?" face) and East 86th Street Association President Elaine Walsh (the one who appears to be hitchhiking) have created a list of the ten worst signs in the neighborhood. "We feel like it's the Wild West over here," said Walsh, demonstrating a remarkably precise knowledge of what the Wild West was like—all cowboys and horses and Best Buy signs. The signs, of course, aren't going quietly. "[My enormous 'Pizza' sign] is very important to have. They see 'Pizza' and they want to get a slice," said Pizza manager/marketing genius Julio Merino. Slater and Walsh are convinced that the signs are illegal, and they may be right. However, nobody really seems to know the specifics of the laws involving business signs and when the Post reached out to the Department of Buildings it declined to get involved.

1. PC Richard & Son (205 E. 86th St.)

2. Best Buy (1280 Lexington Ave.)

3. Staples (1280 Lexington Ave.)

4. Subway (1256 Lexington Ave.)

5. Brookstone (147 E. 86th St.)

6. Orva (155 E. 86th St.)

7. Pizza (1105 Lexington Ave.)

8. First Republic Bank (148 E. 79th St.)

9. Bank of America (1276 Lexington Ave.)

10. Hot & Crusty (1276 Lexington Ave.)
· UES residents protest gaudy 'illegal' signs at Best Buy, Staples [Post]