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Williamsburg's Notorious Finger Building Finally Sells Out

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The long, sometimes sad saga of the Finger Building, the 144 North 8th Street development that has also been called The Albero (Italian for "tree"!), is finally coming to an end. Brownstoner hears from the building's brokers that the place is finally sold out. So far, 26 units have closed, and the rest should close in or before early July. So how did pricing work out?

The average recorded sale price, according to StreetEasy, was $962/square foot. The prices on the 15 listings in contract average $902/square foot, with the cheapest 1BR listed for $640,000 and the most expensive place, a 3BR, asking a PriceChopped $1.85 million.

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144 North Eighth Street

144 North Eighth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211