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More Domino Decay: 22 Photos of the Sugar-Coated Factory

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AbanondedNYC isn't the only photographer to venture into the depths of the decaying Domino Sugar Factory. A Curbed reader made the trip on Friday in an effort to capture the development's more historically significant buildings, the filter, pan, and finishing houses, and here now, we have 22 images from his journey. The reader, who goes by the moniker 2e, started exploring on the second story of the Finishing house, where he was "immediately thrown off by the amount of debris and decay present" considering it's only been abandoned 2004.

He wandered through nearly every floor of the Pan and Finishing Houses, then went up to the roof. "I was about 50 rungs up the main smokestack when I realized I was just being foolish so I climbed down." He went about five stories down, crossed over into the Filter House through a sky bridge, and explored every crevice of the stained blue glassed cap of the filter house. "It was an amazing experience looking out for once."
· One Man's Journey to Capture Domino's Decay in Photos [Curbed]

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