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Don't Even Think About Trying to Steal a Citi Bike

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Attention bike thieves! If you were thinking that come July 1, you'd have 10,000 new opportunities thanks to the bike share, think again. New York Magazine got the low-down on the new Citi Bikes, and it turns out that the 40-pound blue machines are built to last?or at least not get pilfered for parts. All of the bike's parts are specialized, meaning that they have no independent resale value and you can't even remove them without special tools. The mechanical titanium lock is "pretty much bombproof," and the docking stations secure the bikes so well that you can't even drag one out with a truck (people in Montreal tried). Looks like bike burglars will just have to settle for the same old. Those interested in legally riding the bikes should click through to get the full rundown on everything you need to know before your first spin.
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