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Brooklyn Biker Gang Paid to Terrorize Loft Residents

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What do Bushwick bohemians and burly biker men have in common? They both want to live in the apartments at 13 and 15 Thames Street, obviously. The current tenants say that landlord Andy Chau paid the bikers, known as the Forbidden Ones, to terrorize the building in an effort to drive them out. The 45-member gang has taken over a ground floor unit, throwing boozy beer fests, wheeling their noisy bikes inside, and allegedly punching at least one person. The residents have hired a lawyer who told the Post that Chau's ultimate goal is to get the residents to surrender their statutory rights under the loft law so he can use the buildings more profitably. Of course, Chau denies all of this, but the bikers don't. One biker said that Chau promised to pay them, saying "You can stay if you can keep the people out."
· Landlord 'Paid' Biker Gang to Drive B'klyn Tenants Out, Residents Say [NYP]