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Amenities Are the Cruelest Cut to Deadbeat Neighbors

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When neighbors stop paying common charges, condo buildings and neighbors are left holding the financial bag and forced to fake friendliness to the freeloader next door. Now if this was a co-op building, we're pretty sure the board could just show up in the middle of the night and pull your expensive jewelry from your person as you slept, (don't quote us on that). Condos, however, need to resort to more subtle measures that slowly rob you of your dignity until you have no choice but to write a check clearing your arrears and praying it doesn't bounce. What are some of the thousand cuts condo buildings will inflict on common charge deadbeats?

According to the Observer they include:
· No more access to the building's pool
· Messing with your key fob so you can't get into the gym
· Deadbeats' kids can play in traffic, because the playroom is off limits
· Accept your own packages/Fresh Direct/restaurant deliveries
· Use your arms to open that door, because the doorman doesn't work for free
· You think you can still park here? Think again!
There's no evidence that these measures result in any decrease in debts owed to condo buildings for outstanding common charges. They do seem to make other residents who pay their common charges on time feel better though.
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