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Rat Island Owner Can't Wait to Summer on His Urban Oasis

After snapping up the rocky parcel known as Rat Island last October for $176,000, Alex Schibli is preparing for a summer of fun on the oddly-named urban oasis. "[My girlfriend] and I will be inviting everyone out to Rat Island to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze and the beautiful views," Schibli tells the Post. There will be picnics, barbecues, canoeing, swimming, mussel collecting, and possibly even Schibli's own wedding, as he always thought the 2.5 acre pile of rocks would be a romantic destination. He's also considering building an off-grid, solar-powered hut on the island out of found wood, which would be on stilts to avoid destruction since the island can find itself entirely submerged during strong storms. As for changing the name, Schibli has been doing a lot of research about the island's history, and he'd like to get the its name changed back to the original moniker "Rattle Island." Perhaps he should stop calling it "Rat Island" when he talks to the Post.
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