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Dumbo Neighbors Not Too Dumbo To Smell Your Marijuana

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There may be reason to believe that marijuana use in Dumbo has spiked since that crazy multi-colored water tower showed up in the neighborhood. A Curbed tipster spotted this note on what looks like a building bulletin board. It reads:

Regarding 4:20
Dear neighbors,
Can we please hold off on smoking near any vents as we're "getting hungry and we don't know why?" when we walk into our bathroom...
Many thanks

Other less fun neighbors... We're pretty sure this directly translates to, "Dear neighbors: Could you please invite us next time you are smoking pot? We know what '4:20' means." We're not sure what's up with the quotation marks, though. Is "Getting Hungry and We Don't Know Why" the title of a song or something? It sounds like a terrible song.
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