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New York Times Jumps on Summer of Bees Bandwagon

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In classic New York Times fashion of getting to a story only after Curbed has been all over it for weeks, the Gray Lady (do people still call it that?) just published its own Summer of Bees article, complete, of course, with obligatory quotes from NYPD Bee Expert Anthony "Tony Bees" Planakis, who has already enjoyed so much media coverage this summer that he could probably marry one of the minor Kardashians if he wanted to. (He doesn't want to; Tony Bees is way classier than that.) So, does the Times have anything to tell us that we didn't already know?
· Apparently, Tony Bees is the NYPD's "unofficial" Bee Expert. Oh, that must be why he has the word "bees" IN HIS NAME. Come on. Totally official.
· The bee population has boomed due to this year's unusually mild winter, the fourth warmest on record.
· The New York City Beekeepers Association and have "swarm hot lines" and might jump at an opportunity for free bees.
· Beekeepers who allow their hives to swarm are shunned by the beekeeping community.
· As always, bee enthusiasts are quick to point out that bees, when swarming, are much less likely to sting people. Okay, guess we'll all just stop being afraid of them then.
· One beekeeper on swarming bees: "There’s a weird vibe where they have no interest in you.” Hey, buddy, sure you're not talking about GIRLS? BOOM! Sorry.
· The City is not currently planning on changing any of its policies regarding beekeeping.

We're still hoping for a movie. Who should play the part of Tony Bees?
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