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We Visit an Open House, Make the Broker Uncomfortable

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The Event: An open house at 119 Chambers Street #FL4

Who Was There: A broker, us

In the Air: Mild awkward tension

Permission to Use Pictures Taken: Initially denied, later granted

What We Learned: Next time, instead of immediately offering a disclaimer about how we write for a real estate blog, maybe we should just put on a nice shirt and pretend to be interested in buying the place.

Overheard (well, heard): "You write for Curbed?" "Yeah." "That site has a lot of ads."

This is our first weekend where we actually attempted to go to an open house and, well, there are some things we're probably going to do differently next time. Mainly, we're not going to go on a Friday because, as it turns out, weekend open houses are a thing, but Friday open houses are not as much of a thing. But hey! The place was really nice! Nice open living room (not quite as large as it looks in the listing photos, but, you know) with big windows, nice kitchen area, nice bedrooms. The block it's on is very commercial and extremely crowded, but the apartment itself seems pretty soundproof. You should all definitely buy it. Maybe not for $3,700,000, though. So, stay tuned for more of these every weekend, and we promise they're going to get more informative and less weird. And as for you prospective buyers out there, maybe you want to come with us next time? You know, for camouflage?
· Listing: 119 Chambers Street #FL4 [Sotheby's]