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When a Kind Landlord Turns Into a Cuckoo Basket Case

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Bay Ridge may have a crazy super, but the East Village is home to a loony landlady. The Local shares the story of 510 East Sixth Street, where residents say their landlord, Martha Fedorko, used to be a sweet, kind woman who was an accomplished doctor. But as she's aged, she's turned into an angry, crazy landlord that shuts off their electricity for no reason, changes the locks on their doors, and, in one case, rearranged an apartment when the resident wasn't home, throwing her shoes in the garbage. One tenant has filmed Fedorko yelling, banging her cane on the stairs, and trying to break into his apartment because she was convinced he was subletting it, a conclusion she came to because his newborn baby has a different hair color than him. Bizarrely, Fedorko has also been known to not cash residents' rent checks; one tenant's checks have not been cashed since January.

Much like the crazy super, Fedorko leaves notes (albeit, less condescending than this) for tenants, like the "Keep Out, Owner" and "Do Not Touch" signs taped to her apartment door. A man named James Hirsch makes multiple appearances in her notes, and the residents have discovered that Hirsch was a doctor that Fedorko used to work with on cellular biology research.

The tenants are trying to get Fedorko removed as the landlord, but no lawyer knows how to approach a case in which the landlord has lost her mind. Usually a landlord can be removed if the building is neglected, but Fedorko manages to keep the building in decent shape. "I haven't heard of any case that would be based on a landlord’s mental incapacity," said a housing expert. "Several senior attorneys are scratching their heads, too."
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