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Sad Aluminum-Clad House Gives Way to Gabled Gowanus Home

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Just across the Gowanus Canal from our favorite dance party hotspot, another real estate transformation is taking place. Pardon Me for Asking has been following the rebirth of the building at 441 Carroll Street, which used to hold a decrepit two-story house clad in a sickly green aluminum siding that looked like it would blow over in the first strong wind. After a few months of construction, a brand-new brick building with a gabled roof is emerging, and we must say, it is a vast (but also kind of boring) improvement! PMFA notes that the developers first tried to sneak past the DOB, only securing a permit to enlarge the original house, not demolish it completely and start anew. Tsk, tsk!
· Small Gowanus House on Carroll Street [PMFA]