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Big Reveal: A 2BR Co-op in Carroll Gardens for $695,000

You would think the ghost of Pres. Ronald Reagan himself had made multiple visits to the comments section this week, with the near unanimity of opinion that the dining room wall in this Carroll Gardens 2BR co-op had to go. "Tear this wall down!" in short, and the longer version: "Part of that dinning room wall needs to come down. Whoever bought it probably wouldn't tear the whole thing down, because there appears to be a closet in the dinning room that isn't on the plans. But who wants to go in and renovate a recently renovated coop that you just bought?" All the hating on the dining room brought the mean average guess down to $654,000, which is $41K shy of the actual ask of $695,000. Congrats to the sharp-eyed readers who recognized this property from over the weekend—something we did not before posting it, so accept our apologies for that.
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