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Kirkman Lofts has a BBQ, Gives Us Soap and a Tour

Event: Kirkman Lofts townhouse opening
In the House: A young, hip crowd, and an older sophisticated crowd. Also, we spotted a (hip) baby being carried around and what seemed like a group of model-types on the roof.
Dress Code: Brooklyn-chic. Also, newborn-chic, because someone told us the baby in attendance was the “hippest” she had ever seen. Also, a man was carrying a tote that read “Buy me a drink.”
Music: In the living room of the townhouse an iPhone was docked and “Three Little Birds” was getting us in the mood for the BBQ they were serving.
Menu: From the grill, hamburgers and hot dogs with the usual sides, watermelon, potato salad, and the most delicious baby brownies we’ve ever tasted. Was that cinnamon in there?
Swag: A bar of soap! Are you trying to tell us something?
Overheard: “Here, have a brochure. And a bar of soap.”
Kirkman Lofts, located in a prime location in DUMBO, is Halstead Property Development’s answer to Brooklyn’s obsession with turning old factories into new apartments. We arrived to look at the first townhouse to be completed, which is a gorgeous space that boasted high ceilings, four floors and roof deck, an elevator, three bedrooms and two and half baths. ASH NYC, who staged the apartment, did a fantastic job in the space. The 2,512-ft2 townhouse (one of three) is being listed for $2.6M, and is attached to the Kirman Lofts apartments of which there are 42. A tour of the apartments revealed that the space, which used to be a soap factory (called Kirkman and Sons) incorporated the old, giant metal silos into the design of the hallways and apartments. Ooh, so the soap bar wasn’t a comment on our hygiene. The townhouse and apartments all incorporated elements of the old warehouse, and frankly, we were impressed at how well it worked in the buildings.
?Robert Aquino

Kirkman Lofts

37 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY