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Gramercy Dog Poop War Steams Up

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Looks like the shit is about to hit the fan over by Gramercy Park, because the poop is all over the sidewalk and it has got one sign-happy neighbor steamed. Back in April, someone posted a sign around the park indicating extreme unhappiness with the fact that a particular dog owner was lifting his pup into flower beds to relieve himself? What, the sidewalk's too good for that dog? Now that dogs—we don't know if one of them is the same subject—are crapping on the sidewalk, the anonymous sign maker—we don't know if it's the same one, but it's a safe bet—has all sorts of words on subject. A tipster sent us the photos above, and the signs use initials to directly address the dog owners at fault. It's a thinly veiled variation on the "I know who you are and where you live, and will publicly humiliate you" warning from April. Creepy. Whether you're a careless dog owner or just a pedestrian passing by Gramercy Park, we recommend watching your step, because there's a vigilante out there and poop on the ground.
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