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EVill School Gets a Rooftop Garden by 9/11 Memorial Architect

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Wealthy public schools may be raking in the dough through PTAs, but the Earth School in the East Village is really demonstrating the power of a parent. The school is putting the finishing touches on a $1.1 million rooftop garden designed by none other than Michael Arad, the man behind the 9/11 Memorial. According to the Local, Arad's son went to the school, which serves pre-k to fifth grade, and when a teacher floated the idea for a rooftop garden five years ago, Arad said, "I can make this happen." Talk about a dedicated parent!

The garden will have 70 planters, and it will be incorporated into classes for the Earth School, as well as P.S. 64 and Tompkins Square Middle School which share the building. The vegetables harvested will be used in school lunches. The project was funded through grants from Borough President Scott Stringer, Councilwoman Rosie Mendez, and Senator Daniel Squadron, and parents and teachers registered the garden as a non-profit to raise funds for upkeep.
· With Rooftop Garden Designed By 'Starchitect,' Earth School Branches Out [Local]