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Reclaim the Dead From Their Forgotten Tangle in Queens

350-year-old Prospect Cemetery in Queens is the subject of a documentary that is getting the Kickstarter treatment this month, and the fund-raising campaign has been successful thus far. The documentary's director is Peter Riegert, who is an actor (Animal House, Local Hero) and Oscar-nominated director (By Courier). Riegert is making a documentary titled Prospect about the savior of the Prospect Cemetery from the encroachment of nature, neglect, and vandalism. As he says in his Kickstarter appeal, "we resist our mortality, but nature insists upon it." More than just a tale of urban reclamation, however, the documentary is a history of a small slice of Queens and NYC.

Our intent is not just to tell the history of the cemetery, but to use this place as a prism to refract the many themes that are part of Prospect. We want to interview historians, artists, writers, poets, archaeologists, and others for insight into this most mysterious part of every life: the end.
There's three days left in the window to donate to the Prospect Cemetery documentary project, and the campaign has already exceeded its goal of raising $10,000.
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159th Street and Beaver Road, Queens, NY