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Look For Your Stolen Car in Old Williamsburg

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[CLICK TO MAKE BIG; James Cathcart/Causey Contemporary]

Cinderblocks are for trust-fund hipsters! Back in the day car thieves would just tear off a hood or a bumper and use it to prop a car on its side while it was being stripped. This was back when cars were made of steel, of course, not something you hybrid-driving recent arrivals would know anything about.

James Cathcart photographed Williamsburg in the late 1980s, according to the Daily News, when it was a dumping ground for stolen cars. We doubt anyone was taping notes to these wrecks, informing the dumper that he saw what he did and asking him to kindly knock off the illegal deposits. Cathcart's photographs will be on display at the Causey Contemporary Gallery through July 15.
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