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Modest Profit Wanted to Spare 150-Year-Old House

A 19th century Dutch Kills farmhouse withstood the transition of its Queens neighborhood near the Newtown Creek from farmland to industrial area, but it is the current development of Long Island City into a residential area that could signal its end. The owner, who bought the 1860s two-story home for just over $1 million three years ago and put $200,000 in improvements into the building in the interim, now wants to demolish the house some time in the next 45 days. There are reportedly plans to build a multi-apartment building in its place or a hotel with at least 30 rooms, according to the Daily News.

Neighbors with a familiar attachment to the house are upset, and hoping that someone will come up with the $1.5-$1.7 million the owner is willing to sell for immediately to avoid demolition. After investing $1.2 million in the house, the owners would "like to walk away with a little money." The neighbors hope someone can see the potential for an urban estate in their midst. "It doesn't seem like it can, but one house has a huge impact on an entire block. This house is in the middle of the block. There’s already a hotel down the street. We don't want to lose another beautiful house."
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