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Ellis Island Almost Became a Vacation Resort in 1958

Ellis Island was closed in 1954 and declared part of the Statue of Libery National Monument in 1965?leaving, as we learned from Smithsonian's Paleofuture blog, 11 years for architects and developers to propose thoroughly wacky Ellis Island schemes. One of these came from Sol G. Atlas, who wanted to pay $201,000 for the right to build an Ellis Island resort. His plans included a museum, language school, music center, swimming pool, retail, a convention hall, a heliport and seaplane base, and of course a 600-room hotel (it would be a resort, after all). The resort would have cost $55 million to construct?which might be one reason why the government decided Atlas wasn't offering to pay quite enough for the island space. They valued it at $6 million instead. We suppose creepy old autopsy theaters don't really put one in a vacation state of mind, anyway.
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