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$4.5M West Village Loft Exposes Massive Amounts of Brick

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We are all about the loft apartment identified as #PARLOR in 43 Clarkson Street. It sold in 2010 for $3,750,000 and now, just two years later, has made its return to market and upped its ask by 20%. The price tag now reads $4,495,000, and possibly with good reason. Now furnished, it's looking way better in its listing photos than it did the first time around, although with its massive amounts of exposed brick, wooden beams, huge windows, and fourteen-foot ceilings, it was never looking that bad. At 2,600 square feet, with three bedrooms (with walls), and three and a half bathrooms, $4.5M seems like a hefty, but not necessarily unrealistic ask. And it's still less than half the price of its (admittedly enormous) neighbor.

· Listing: 43 Clarkson Street #PARLOR [Streeteasy]