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Laureate Penthouse Combo Knows It's Worth $23M

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The Laureate might be over 85% sold, but there is one notable unit that has yet to find a buyer. The Laureate's penthouse combo of units PH4C and PH5C hit the market back in December for $22,674,000. No one bit, but now the condo has identified the reason why: it wasn't asking enough. The 8,170-square-foot 13BR, 11.5BA combo was relisted this morning and has upped its ask to an astronomical $23,257,000. Just because you don't properly appreciate the Laureate penthouse combo, it doesn't mean the Laureate penthouse combo doesn't appreciate itself. The Laureate penthouse combo knows how great it is and that's all that matters. You're all just a bunch of haters for not buying it. The two penthouse units are also available for $12,174,000 and $11,083,000 respectively.

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The Laureate

2150 broadway, New York, NY