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A Tour of Ainslie Tower's Most Pricey, Customizable Units

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Event: Ainslie Tower Open House
In the House: Curbed and a couple touring the apartments
What Were We Looking At: Apartments 8A and B, and we also got a tour of the 9th floor penthouse. Fancy.
Price: $2.53M for 8A and B together.
What We Saw: High ceilings, great views, less than appealing accents (a stainless steel shower reminded us of a nursing home.)
Ainslie Tower, located on Keap Street in Williamsburg, is an interesting and beautiful building that’s been outfitted with little too much marble. The open house took us on a tour of apartments 8A and B. A is a two bedroom while B is a one bedroom. The apartments are being pushed as a combo, and customization is encouraged (they'll deconstruct the apartment for you for free!) With 15-foot ceilings and high, expansive windows, the spaces really do dazzle, even if the accents are less then appealing. Our guides noted this fact, saying that the builders installed the kitchens, tiles and other accents with the mindset that those who buy it would rip it out anyway. The penthouse, located on the ninth floor, boasts three bedrooms, a green house, and is a duplex. The spaces are truly impressive. Next to the penthouse (which is 9A) was the two bedroom 9B, which can also be combined with A. 9A is currently going for $5M.
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Ainslie Tower

467 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211