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NYC's Best & Worst Skyscrapers, According to Curbed Readers

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Continuing with big news for big towers, 4 WTC topped out today, but unsurprisingly, the oft-forgotten building did not get a mention in Friday's open thread, when we asked you to list the best or worst super tall buildings in New York City. In fact, even One WTC only got a single mention, and it was not favorable. So which buildings came out on top? Here now, the responses (in no particular order):


1) The Bank of America tower by Cook + Fox Architects - "I didn't think I'd like it when it was going up, but [it] looks good, especially on the skyline." Another said, "It looks especially good in the evening skyline."

2) "Prettiest skyscraper in NYC is, hands down, the Chrysler Building. Next, 30 Rock."

3) New York by Gehry

4) 400 Fifth Avenue, "looks nice with the crown lit up."

5) American International Building


1) The Verizon Building, "a f*cking eyesore!"

2) Anything Trump: "Trump SoHo is monstrously out-of-place but the Trump Tower in Midtown is uglier." "Trump Tower near the UN (East Side) - what. the. hell. Ugliest, tallest, sliver, finger building ever. A real stain on the skyline."

3) One World Trade. "It's just not tall enough. If they're going to make it 1776 ft tall, don't make the roof 396 ft below that."

4) "Needs to be Torn Down: PanAm/Metlife"

5) "Tower verre is so ugly, it looks like a radio antenna."


1) One person hated on Jean Nouvel's MoMA Tower, but several people said they like it. "Hines better build the MoMA/Nouvel tower before I have a hernia. Anyways, do you think Amanda Burden is or ever was... burdened... by her decision to nick the top off the tower?"

2) Hudson Yards Towers

3) One57, kind of: "Without the curved roof, it would look great."

4) The proposed cut-out floating garden addition to One Madison Avenue. (Refresher: it reminded Bloomberg archicritic of 9/11)

5) The super square 432 Park Avenue by Rafael Vinoly


1) "If the full 100-story Metropolitan Life North Building would have been built in the 30s, ESB would have had a very short reign and New York would be a very different place."

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