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Green Future Unveiled for Lower East Side's ABC No Rio

Lower East Side arts collective ABC No Rio has been in the process, slowly, of replacing its building at 156 Rivington Street with a new one. After one theatrical building funeral and a few anonymous cash infusions, the collective's new building is in the construction bid phase. At a conference on passive houses this weekend, architect Paul Castrucci described what ABC No Rio's future home will look like, assuming all goes as planned with the bids. And it's a far cry from the 1917 tenement the collective purchased from the city for $1.
The renderings on the architect's website (also shown in the gallery above) have a certain passive house aesthetic, and indeed, the building will be both a passive house?a building designed to meet German standards of near-total airtightness and energy efficiency?and built in keeping with LEED standards. Very green! And since we're talking about an arts collective, the 9,000-square-foot building will include exhibition and performance space. But not everything about the building is arts-specific: there's a green roof and a second-floor terrace, too.
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