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New York's Most Ignored Skyscraper Tops Out

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Poor 4 World Trade Center. The tower is like the ugly stepsister to One WTC, always forgotten about and never the center of attention. Except the tower is beautiful and its architects don't care about the lack of fanfare?even with the tower's ceremonious topping out today. Designed by Japanese firm Maki and Associates, 4 WTC is the first tower of the new world trade center to top out. The designers created the 977-foot skyscraper to be "understated and deferential," writes the Times, and they wanted it to be "a respectful backdrop" to the 9/11 Memorial. It may be less flashy than 2 and 3 WTC (it was even overlooked when the WTC plans were first unveiled), but that doesn't mean it wasn't thoughtfully designed. In fact, Maki's insistance for near-perfection "perplexed and frustrated their American counterparts." Ha! Of course it did. Head over to the Time's for more details about 4 WTC's design and architecture.
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150 Greenwich Street, New York, NY