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Markowitz Pledges $1M to Revamp Crown Heights Armory

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Comprising a full city block in the gentrifying ever-popular neighborhood of Crown Heights, the shuttered Bedford-Union Armory between Union and President Streets has a lot of potential. And now thanks to a report that NYU graduate students completed for Borough President Marty Markowitz, a flurry of ideas are circulating as to how the 105-year-old building can be transformed into a neighborhood amenity. The facility is being transferred from the National Guard to the city and Markowitz has pledged $1 million in capital funding for its redevelopment. Ideas in the NYU report include turning the cavernous Drill Hall into a roller skating rink, sports facilities for basketball and badminton, or an entertainment and performance venue. Researchers suggest that the three-story building on the property, called the Head House, should be used for community services like senior programs, after school activities, and job outreach. The report says that money for operating the new venue could come from building apartments on the site's current parking facility, but the property would need to be rezoned for this to happen.
· Vacant Crown Heights Armory Could Be Redeveloped As Roller Skating Rink [NYDN via The Real Deal]
Lead image via The Real Deal