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Part of the Riverside-West End Historic District Wins Approval

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Chalk one up for the preservationists: a chunk of the long-sought Riverside-West End Historic District won approval this morning. The mega-district is split into three sections, spanning 70th to 109th Street, and the section approved today covers between 79th and 87th Streets from Riverside Drive to Broadway. The West End Preservation Society has been fighting for the full district, which stitches together five smaller districts, for several years, but the proposal has faced a lot of criticism, with opponents saying it would turn the area into a "mausoleum." Public hearings have been held for the other two sections, but the LPC has yet to determine when they will be voted on.

The LPC also approved a new historic district on Park Place in Crown Heights, preserving 13 Romanesque-style rowhouses built in 1894. This district is also part of a larger proposal, the Crow Hill Historic District. This afternoon, the Commission is holding a hearing for the proposed East Village-Lower East Side Historic District, which runs along Second Avenue from East 2nd Street to East 7th Street and includes adjacent side streets, for a total 330 buildings. We'll be covering the meeting, so stay tuned for more info!
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Lead image via West Side Rag