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The 10 Smallest Apartments On the Market in Manhattan

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The listing of a tiny West Village studio for $325,000 last week got us wondering: what are the smallest apartments for sale in Manhattan? We turned to StreetEasy to put together a top 10 list. Since not all listings are posted with square footage (and smaller listings might be more likely to leave out that info than most), there are surely tinier dwellings out there, but these 10 are pretty freaking small. So hold your breath, sell most of your stuff, and put in an offer. Maybe procure some foldable furniture first.

10) Address: 103 East 84th Street, PHE (above)
Square footage: 300 square feet
Price: $192,000
The Skinny: This studio's made some concessions to its small size: it's "sold furnished with custom ship-like built-ins and an enclosed galley kitchen." But it's only accessible via two flights of stairs or the service elevator from the building's ninth floor.

9) Address: 512 East 11th Street #5D
Square footage: 300 square feet
Price: $300,000
The Skinny: We're not really sure what's going on with this apartment. In a total of 282 days on the market, it looks like it's gone into and fallen out of contract twice. It was most recently relisted in early June. So what's the issue?

8) Address: 22 East 82nd Street #C2
Square footage: 300 square feet
Price: $625,000
The Skinny: According to the listing, this property "offers the great flexibility of commercial/residential use," with private gated entry from the sidewalk or access in the more traditional through-the-lobby manner. The apartment itself, which might be sold with the building's unit C?the only other apartment below the building's stoop?is apparently "at the last weeks of a 6-month gut renovation." And we're going to wait for the final pics on this one.

7) Address: 512 East 11th Street Apt. 4C
Square footage: 300 square feet
Price: $265,000
The Skinny: This place, the second appearance for 512 East 11th Street, is one of the cutest on this list?but it's also a walk-up (the garden is building common space) that doesn't allow dogs. Along with the location, that could explain the regular PriceChoppage that's been going on here since last fall.

6) Address: 45 Tudor City Place
Square footage: 300 square feet
Price: $220,000
The Skinny: Calling all investors: this apartment is a rent-controlled studio with a tenant in place who pays around $1,100/month. (The maintenance is $716/month.)

5) Address: 167 West 71st Street #21
Square footage: 300 square feet
Price: $325,000
The Skinny: This co-op (monthly maintenance: $616) is also looking for investors only?the current tenant pays $1,795/month on a lease that expires in January 2013. Which might be ideal: this is probably the kind of apartment that's more fun to plan on renting out to someone else.

4) Address: 146 West 57th #32K
Square footage: 286 square feet
Price: $395,000
The Skinny: This apartment in Metropolitan Tower was designed as a maid's unit and has never acquired a kitchen. But if all you want to do is swim, go to the gym, and do laundry in the building, maybe this is the place for you? $1,381/square foot!

3) Address: 424 East 57th Street #4E
Square footage: 250 square feet
Price: $205,000
The Skinny: This listing suggests that the buyer use this Sutton Place pad as a "pied-a-terre, private office space for that new novel you're writing, or room for those constant out of town guest." But basically, whatever you do, don't try to live in it.

2) Address: 140 West 69th Street #38B
Square footage: 250 square feet
Price: $299,000
The Skinny: This place last sold in 2007 for $245,000, and since the listing advertises a "unique opportunity to create your Dream Studio steps away from Lincoln Square," we're guessing there was no renovation in the interim.

1) Address: 411-421 Manhattan Avenue, Apt. C-4 (floorplan above)
Square footage: 185 square feet
Price: $169,000
The Skinny: What this apartment lacks in width it attempts to make up for in height, with 10-to-12-foot ceilings. Apparently the seller thinks that's a fair tradeoff, because the apartment was marked up last month by a whopping 43 percent.
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