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600-Foot Ferris Wheel for the Staten Island Ferry Terminal?

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Today in bonkers news: Plaza Capital Group Management wants to build the world's largest observation wheel in a parking lot in Staten Island. Located near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, the ferris wheel would lift visitors some 600 feet into the air, more than 150 feet higher than the Eye of London. The proposal is a response to an RFP the city issued last August to redevelopment two parking lots near the Staten Island Yankees Stadium, reports the Journal. Officials from the city only said they were in negotiations with several respondents, and reps from Plaza remained mum on the topic.

You might be asking yourself, "Staten Island? Really?!" The director of the Center for an Urban Future weighed in on that point, suggesting that Plaza sees the untapped potential of New York's most ignored borough, noting that more than 2 million tourists ride the Staten Island Ferry every year, but few actually leave the boat. A gigantic wheel to see all of city from might give people a reason to spend some time in S.I. But the last attempt to put one of these wheels in NYC?a $100 million proposal for Governors Island two years ago?crashed and burned.
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Lead image of the Eye of London, via WSJ