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Local Parents Still Not Full of Warmth for St. Vincent's Plans

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To say that the parents whose children attend PS41 in the West Village are displeased at the massive construction turning former St. Vincent’s site into 450 luxury condos would be an understatement. At Community Board 2's meeting with Rudin Management last night, in fact, they were enraged.

The largest issue at stake at CB2 was whether or not Rudin was going to provide the funding and corporate oomph for air conditioning, air filtration systems, and storm windows to negate the damage parents believed was being done to the air quality in and around PS41 as a result of the St. Vincent's project.

Several parents, PTA members, and school administrators shared their indignation; a lawyer who specializes in environmental review and zoning reiterated that in terms of the Environment Assessment Statement, which tests the adverse impact of projects such as the redevelopment of St. Vincent’s, PS41 is not in environmental danger. One parent accused Meyers of “telling the lawyer truth.” A PS41 third grader stood on his chair to ask, "Where are we supposed to play?" Another parent, in attendance with a son who has asthma, finally stood up and yelled toward the front, “Is it a yes or a no? Will air conditioning and air filtrations systems be provided to all of the surrounding schools?”

As it turns out, despite all the back-and-forth, Rudin's been in talks with Con Ed and visited PS41 three times to figure out logistics for the system, according to Rudin exec John Gilbert. Rudin is still waiting for initial plans from Con Ed. The St. Vincent's condo-fication should be done in summer 2015, which leaves a few more hot seasons for Rudin to get those plans?or for repeats of last night's meeting.
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