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Dive Into Billyburg Hotel's Beachy Pool for the Cost of a Drink

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Sure, McCarren Pool is opening tomorrow and the beach is just a train ride away, but now you can combine the experience of both! Williamsburg's King & Grove Hotel, formerly the Hotel Williamsburg, has opened the city's first saltwater swimming pool, but the best part is that you don't have to be a guest to take a dip. Admission is granted just by ordering an item off the hotel bar menu, reports the Daily News. The first floor outdoor swimming hole is 4-feet deep, 40-feet long, and 20-feet wide. The deck/serving area can accomodate just 149 people, which makes us hesitant to share this information, and there are five pool side beds, as well as 10 tables and 18 bleachers, which can be reserved in advance. Beers cost around $7, so if you plan to indulge, it could be come a pricy (and dangerous!) swimming jaunt, and the management is also considering enforcing a pool admission cost of $45 if it gets too popular, which makes us even more hesitant to share this with you. Just don't tell your friends, and we'll be good.
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