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Queens West Gets a School, Still Waiting for the Library

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It's been almost a year and a half since we checked in on the progress over at Queens West, but when a tipster sent along some photos of the new school and parkland, we decided it was high time for an update! So what's happening? Well, for starters, the School Construction Authority is making headway on the new I.S./H.S. 404 at 1-50 51st Avenue, which started going up in March. The 865-seat school will be ready for students by fall 2013, and at least three of the four additional residential towers are under construction by TF Cornerstone. The Queens West website says these will be complete by the end of 2013, but the site seems a bit outdated and lacking in information, so we have calls out to get more details on the progress.

Our tipster says that the northern most addition to Gantry State Park is not yet open, but it looks to be nearly complete. As for the Steven Holl-designed library, it's planned for parcel 8, which is currently undergoing an environmental remediation. At a February meeting, it was noted that construction on the library should be able to being in April or May of 2013.
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