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Of Course That Plaza 'Attic' Dispute Isn't Actually Over

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Even though the troubled Plaza penthouse that was once the subject of a fraud lawsuit finally found a buyer in March, the lawsuit itself hasn't ended. Prospective buyer Andrei Vavilov?known in legal documents only as Plaza PH 2001?had planned to pay $53.5 million for two penthouses in the building. Instead, he ended up suing with allegations of fraud, claiming the building's developers hadn't given him the promised "light and airy expanse" with "floor-to-ceiling, 11-foot-high windows providing expansive views of Central Park." What he claimed he actually got: an attic-like space with windows only three feet tall. A judge threw out his original suit, but a state appeals court reinstated it yesterday according to the Post.

The legal basis is apparently a clause allowing the buyer to back out if "material alterations" were made to the apartment without the buyer?who wants his deposit back?being notified. As for London developer Christian Candy, the most recent purchaser of this apartment, we'll see whether the lawsuit inspires him to start poking around his penthouse with a tape measure.
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