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More Queens West Details; Cornell NYC Gets a Faculty Member

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LONG ISLAND CITY?Yesterday, we wrote a semi-update on the Queens West project, and a press officer on the development finally got back to us with a few answers:

The last two residential buildings are under construction at Queens West. A TCO has already been issued for Buildings 1 & 4. Building 2 is scheduled to be open in early 2013, and Building 3 is scheduled to be open in mid 2013. Parcel 8 has been remediated. We received a Certificate of Completion from NYS DEC this past December. NYC DDC is managing the construction of the library. The latest schedule estimated a May 2013 groundbreaking. We are planning to open the Children’s Spray Park and the area in front of the Pepsi sign within the next couple of weeks. The last remaining park land (the area north of the Pepsi sign and adjacent to Anable Basin) is scheduled to be open this September.[Curbedwire Inbox; previously] ROOSEVELT ISLAND?They haven't even broken ground yet, but Cornell is already hiring professors for their new Roosevelt Island tech campus. Today, the university announced it hired the school's first faculty member, Deborah L. Estrin as a Professor of Computer Science. Congratulations, Deborah! [Curbedwire Inbox; previously]