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Neighbors (Mostly) on Board With Rudin AIDS Memorial Design

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After much back-and-forth, including the awkward moment when developer Rudin Management said it wouldn't use a contest winner's design for the St. Vincent's Triangle AIDS memorial, the design for the memorial appears to be on track and the neighbors on board. Last night they gathered at Community Board 2 to quiz the architects about some design specifics. In attendance were the Parks Committee and interested/vocal citizens who wanted to hear the final plans before they go ahead to Landmarks. The structure, made of steel and including foliage of mainly evergreen, would be at the tip of the already-there park, and would include a water feature, seating, and quotes on the ground. People in attendance seemed to be curious about the additions to the memorial, with most applauding the structure and asking how certain things, like the irrigation system within the structure, would work. A man from an organization called “Protect the Village” stood up at one point and applauded the design, saying that the architects listened to the community and worked with them very well.
There were some vocal opponents, too. An older gentleman sat through the presentation with his head in his hands, upset about, well, everything, and when it was time for questions, stood up and began saying how unfeasible the irrigation system was and made the architect go back to different slides. At one point, he yelled at the Power Point by motioning to it and standing in front of the projector. The slide show was projected onto his back. A toddler in attendance was extremely set on asking a question and kept her hand up the entire time, but alas, no one called on her. Her mother, however, was very worried about how the structure would fare in the “elements” because she “constantly replaces” her patio furniture because of the outdoors. The architect looked at her and noted that the structure was steel and was built to be outdoors and last for a very long time.
?Robert Aquino
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