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Tribeca's 460 Washington Will Become 10-Story Building

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The 13,000-square-feet of development space at and outside 460 Washington Street got some soil tests last fall, an indication that something big was on its way to the lots. Tribeca Citizen spotted the DOB filings that tell us just what: a 10-story building with 107 residential units. That breaks down to one apartment on the ground floor, 16 each on floors two through six, seven on floors seven and eight, and six on floors nine and 10. Amenities: 25 parking spaces, ground floor retail, bike storage, and some other as yet unidentified amenity spaces. Related's on board as the developer and Ismael Leyva is listed as the architect, but there's no rendering on the firm's site yet. If anyone happens to see one floating around out there, drop us a line.
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