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Keep an Eye on City Hall from the 16th Floor of Reade57

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Event: Open house at 16th floor of Reade57
In the House: After-work apartment shoppers
Dress Code: Heat wave business casual—lightweight cocktail dresses on the women and unbuttoned short-sleeve or rolled-up dress shirts for men
Music: James Brown and other upbeat classics pumped moderately from a PA system
Menu: Risotto puffs and chicken cacciatore in pastry cups; espresso brownies and raspberry, vanilla, or chocolate cheesecake bites dipped in chocolate for dessert.
Overheard: [Woman to man heading downstairs in elevator] "Do we have time to go see another?" "I can't. I have to go back to the office."

Reade57, which smartly borrows some numerical cachet from an uptown address, has a marketing tagline "downtown preferred". The 21-story glass and steel condo tower is located on the border of Tribeca and Chinatown, just northwest of City Hall Park. From the western side of the building, the view is dominated by Gehry's New York, towering over the proto-skyscrapers of Park Row. Closer to the building is the Tweed Courthouse and City Hall massed together next to the leafy canopy of the downtown park. There are upper-floor view apartments at Reade57 where one can stand in one spot and see the Hudson River to the west and the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge in the opposite direction. Floor-to-ceiling windows abound.

This is not a super-loft building, however. The developer decided to target first-time and younger buyers by filling the building with 1 and 2BR apartments, which are selling quite well. Reade57 won't be mistaken for anything else on its block. The thoroughly modern design is sandwiched between a cast iron classic and a masonry and terra cotta office building.
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57 Reade Street

57 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007