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Weekend Home: Waterfront House Almost Too Relaxing

We'll be profiling one fun weekend home every Sunday, courtesy of Curbed Hamptons...

Location: Sag Harbor
Price: $2,100,000
Size: .24 acres, 2,800-square-feet, 4BR, 3BA

According to an open thread on Curbed Hamptons, Sag Harbor has retained its top spot as the nicest town in the Hamptons, and this Sag Harbor home is on a lake. Oh man, that lake. Right? Such a nice looking lake. The house also has a pool, which seems a little superfluous when you've already got a lake, but then again, pretty nice looking pool. All in all, it seems like spending time there would be relaxing to the point of becoming a liability, like you might fall into some sort of Rip Van Winkle-esque trance and wake up to realize that you've been gazing out over the lake for forty years and you've grown a huge beard and they won't let you into any of the Sag Harbor restaurants because they think you're homeless. Anyway, this house? Pretty nice house.
· Listing: Sag Harbor Village Waterfront With Floating Dock [Brown Harris Stevens]
· Curbed Hamptons