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Essex House 3BR Ends Up Right Back Where It Started

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Unit #414 in The Essex House sold in 2007 for $4.6 million. By 2011, the owners decided that they had endured its "inviting gallery," "sumptuous master suite," and "spectacular living and dining expanse" long enough, and that they were due a couple million in profit. They listed the apartment for $6.175 million and now, after a series of chops, it has been re-listed for... $4.75 million. Hey, that's still $167,875 more than they paid for it! They're not seeing red just yet. What's keeping this place on the market? Could the $8,493 in monthly charges have something to do with it?

· Listing: 160 Central Park South #414 [Corcoran]
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Jumeirah Essex House

160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019