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More Listing Photo Trickery; Co-op Financial Statements

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1) This week's hunters, a brother and sister, are getting their Mom a place so that she can be closer to them. The whole thing is very sweet, really. Normally, we like to poke some fun at the people in "The Hunt," but not this time. It's just a very nice hunt. They eventually buy a building half a block from where the brother lives and renovate it so that Mom can have one apartment, the sister can have another, and they can rent the rest out. The brother enjoys being a landlord and the Mom offers to pack the daughter's lunch every morning. Aww. [The Hunt/'Let No Bus Separate Us']

2) Wondering how to make that second bedroom appear more spacious in listing photos? The answer: install a Murphy bed. So simple! It was right under our noses this whole time. Bunk beds work too, according to Cortney Novogratz of HGTV's "Home By Novogratz." (Side note: that's just a very good name for a TV show. Rolls right off the tongue. "Hey, what should we call our TV show?" "Well, I would say 'Home By Novogratz,' but that must be taken already.") Fanny Montalvo, of A.C. Lawrence & Company, suggests that you clear out some (most) of your furniture before the pictures are taken, which seems like obvious advice until you actually start looking at real estate listings. Truer words, Fanny Montalvo. Truer words.

3) Co-op owners or prospective buyers, add this to the list of things you should really be paying a lot more attention to: the co-op financial statements, which tell you the financial situation of the company that are technically a shareholder in. Obviously! Why aren't you reading these things? What is the matter with you? This article has lots of tips for what specifically you should be looking for in those statements and will probably serve mostly to freak you out if you do own a co-op. [That Riveting Co-op Financial Statement]